DIY Geranium Sugar Body Scrub – Smooth, smooth, smooth!

sugar body scrub diy

I love body scrubs, but absolutely hate the price of them. After making a DIY lip scrub (here) and seeing how easy it was, I set about making one for the body. Once again super easy! What’s also great about this body scrub is that it’s moisturising at the same time. I am super lazy and hate applying a body moisturiser once I’ve showered, but with this I step out if the shower with amazingly moisturised soft skin.

You only need four ingredients, and can tailor the mix to what you have at home. I used Geranium essential oil in mine, but you can choose any essential oil to suit you! Lavender, rose, peppermint, neroli, patchouli or ylang ylang would all work in this. I used a mix of raw coconut oil and almond oil, you could also use olive oil, argan oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil. I find it best to make a small amount and use this within 3 weeks, then make a new batch.

What you will need:

  • 1 cup of sugar (I used a golden caster sugar, the larger the crystal, the harsher the scrub!)
  • 1/4 cup of almond oil
  • 1/4 cup of raw coconut oil (if your coconut oil is too hard to mix, pop it in the microwave for a few seconds to soften)
  • 8 drops of Geranium oil
  • A mixing bowl
  • A spoon
  • Container for your body scrub.

body sugar scrub ingredients


Measure out your sugar and oil.


Mix these together, then add in your 8-10 drops of essential oil.



Taa dahh!! All you have to do now is pop this in your container and scrub, scrub, scrub! Use with 3 weeks.


sugar body scrub diy



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