American invasion: Maybelline Baby Lips


Slowly but surely the cult American beauty products are trickling over to our UK shores. Maybellines Baby Lips made the journey a couple of months back, everyone seemed to swarm to Boots and Superdrug to get their hands on them. I picked up 3 in Boots, and they have been camping out in my handbag, coat pocket and makeup bag since. I can’t say they are the best lipbalm out there but for £2.99 they are pretty darn good, giving a good few hours of hydration. Maybelline have just launched a slightly more pigmented version in the US called Baby Lips Electro, so maybe these will be making their way over to us pretty soon.


12 thoughts on “American invasion: Maybelline Baby Lips

  1. parisalma says:

    Thank you for following Naa! Hopefully more American products arrive soon, I’m crossing my fingers for more colours of Loreals infallible eyeshadows 😍

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